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This relaxing download will help start you on the path to realising your body's true potential.

You and I came from two tiny cells that combined to make thousands of tiny cells that created us. Every cell in your body knows its job and every cell has a specific job. I believe every cell has a memory and that is how it replicates and rejuvenates itself. A good example is a cut. Your body will heal that wound by producing the right cells to allow the allow the cut to mend. It’s almost like we have an internal blueprint of the perfect version of us, whatever that might mean to each of us.

This relaxing download will start you on a journey to reconnecting to your body in a very empowering way. Helping you and every cell in your body be all it can be.

​DipCHyp, NLP (MPrac), CNCH (Acc), HPD

Alison Knowles

I am a fully qualified and licensed Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP* practitioner, trained at the Quest Institute of Cognitive Hypnotherapy under the tutorage of the esteemed Trevor Silvester. Only 20% of all UK hypnotherapists have actually achieved the HPD**.Most hypnotherapists are schooled in one technique and try and make that fit everyone. Under the best tutors, I have trained in many different schools of thought – so I have at my disposal a very wide range of techniques from which I can choose the one that best suits you. If you are expecting me to swing a watch and tell you, "Look into my eyes," you will be sorely disappointed. The techniques I use are powerful and don't need gimmicks.My peers have called me a non-therapist therapist because of my relaxed approach to working with and empowering my clients. I take this as a compliment. My training has allowed me the privilege of enabling people to deal with pain, addictions, phobias, eating disorders, stress anxiety, PTSD – the list goes on.Our bodies and minds are amazing things if we only realised it. My role is to help you realise it and empower you to use it.

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